10 november, 2011

Welcome to Megalodon Hunters!

Join our journey to the deepest part of the sea. Some of you have already followed us on twitter and facebook, but here's the real deal!

On this blog we're going to discuss the prehistoric animals that have walked this earth before us (maybe even some of the beasts living today). We're going to present new animals and cool facts every week.

The following are our categories:

Jurassic Fight Club - Our little fight corner, filmclips presenting prehistoric beasts fighting
Nice to meet you Mr… - New animals
Everyday-lodons - Things in our life that reminds us of the megalodon and so on.
Films - Interesting clips from the internet
Megalodon Facts - Pretty obvious...
Fast Facts
Q & A - If you're wondering about something, just ask, and we will answer it in this category.
Twitter:  @megalodonhuntrs

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