15 november, 2011

Shark attack 3: Megalodon

Hey guys!
We just watched a movie about Meg on youtube, called "Shark attack 3: Megalodon". It's not a great movie, but it's kind of funny and a little interesting. And since the entire film is on youtube, it's completely free of charge.

It's too bad that there isn't any high budget movies about Meg, guess we have to wait until she has the same status as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. By the way, that's a goal we decided on today, to make the Megalodon as famous as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Who knows, maybe some day Steven Spielberg will make a movie about Meg too. Fingers crossed!

Here's the first clip and you will find the following parts linked next to it on the right.

Ps. Before you go out in a rage because of the incorrect size of the shark: spoilers, but it's a baby Megalodon ;)

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