14 november, 2011

The Great White

Check out this picture @xbuc showed us on twitter! Amazing, right? The Megalodon hunters wants to go diving in the Mariana trench, however, just spotting a Great White would be thrilling too! Despite this seeing a shark this big isn't enough! We want to go deeper!
Well, it's a great picture and we do envy the photographer a lot...

Did you know that some scientist say that the megalodon often disarmed it's prey before eating it, by biting of it's fins. A lot like this great white is doing with the seal in this remarkable picture. The difference is that, the great white is just playing with it's food, but trust me, the megalodon wasn't playing around... 

The Great White Shark is known to grow up to about 6 meters and live as long as 30 years!

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