13 november, 2011

Megalodon Lives!

Hey guys! Found some nice proof of Meggys existence, it awakened my hope again after a discussion with my father, who´s quite pessimistic. But I hope this brings up your hope to. Do you believe that Meg is still down there? Leave a comment! :)

"Extinctness" is not definitive
The Coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae) was thought to be extinct for more than 60 million years until a live specimen was captured in 1938. We now know that there is a small but definitely surviving population of these ancient fish in very deep waters off eastern Africa and another was recently discovered off Indonesia. Who's to say that Megalodon does not also survive?

Unexplored water
Less than 5% of the deep-sea has been explored, and even less than that sampled biologically. Yet we know that sharks live at least as deep as 12,000 feet (3,660 metres) and Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus) are believed to dive to 10,000 feet (3,050 metres) in search of squid. If there's enough food down there for 60-foot (18-metre) whales, there is probably enough to support Megalodon

Deep down there's a home
Based on the average rate of deposition of manganese dioxide around nuclei composed of fossil shark teeth, some have calculated that Megalodon may have lived as recently as 11,000 years ago, rather than died out 1.6 million years ago, as suggested by radiometric dating. In geological terms, that's yesterday.

New discoveries
New and unprecedented marine creatures are still being discovered, some of them quite large - like the 15-foot (4.5-metre) Megamouth Shark (Megachasma pelagios) discovered in November 1976.

Eye witnesses
There have been numerous, consistent reports by credible witnesses of gigantic sharks - like the 100+-foot (30+-metre) ghostly whitish shark reported from Broughton Island, Australia, in 1918, which was seen by several experienced commercial crayfishermen.

Mysteriously lost fishing device
A living Megalodon would likely be very heavy, powerful, and difficult to capture (either by accident or design) using conventional fishing gear. Thousands of nets, longlines, and harpoons are lost every year.

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  1. hell, anything is possible . you just need to have a very board mind .. i wish you the best of the luck in finding one of these sea monsters alive but i urge you also to be careful...